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how to clean your rubber rain boots

Special Care on the Exterior and Interior of the Rubber Rain Boots

 I read a very interesting expression, saying that the rain boots are designed to get wet and dirty. So we don’t have to be worried at all on the dirt of the boots. So now what we need to focus on is how we can clean the boots thoroughly.


Cleaning the exterior

What tools shall we get ready? Rags or towels for cleaning, drying or wetting the boots, brushes (if you have), dish liquid  


After all essential tools are in place, get your dirty boots for cleaning. Mix the dish liquid with water, Spray the solution onto the exteriors of the boots. Then leave the boots there for 5 minutes. Next, you can get a rag and get rid of the dirt. Remember to clean the sole too directly with the brush if you have it.


Get the boots dried in a cool place with good ventilation. Avoid putting the boots directly under the sun, which can age the rubber easily and shorten the boots life cycle. Even worse, it could cause cracking and deformation from the long terms. Your boots could be completely destroyed.



Cleaning the interior

1) Never wear your rubber rain boots without socks on. Socks can help reduce odour left in the boots.

2) Always keep your boots dry. Because the rubber rain boots are of good waterproof performance. The water can neither come in, nor get out. The wetness could cause the growth of mold and mildew.

3) It’s suggested to get the boots stuffed with newspapers to get your boots dry if your boots were soaked.

4) Advice to get rid of smelly odour: mix vinegar and water, get them sprayed into the the boots. You don’t have to worry about the vinegar smell because it dissipates very fast.


Boots not in use

Keep your boots dry and away from direct sunlight. Having a magazine inside the boots is a good way to retain the shape of the boots. The dry and cool environment will help prevent the growth of the mold and mildew. Those are main factors, which cause odour and color loss.


Don’t you hate the smelly odour when you want to wear the rubber boots. Here are some helpful skills for your reference. Sachet, rice or silica packets are always good options to absorb moisture.

Post time: Jan-07-2019