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Heat Transfer Printing and Screen Printing

Difference between Heat Transfer Printing & Screen Printing

Heat transfer printing can print colorful logo at a time, while screen printing can print 1c logo only. If multi-colored logo needs printing through screen printing craft, then overprinting is required. Although we can print multi-colored logo through screen printing, the logo cannot be too complicated. Because screen printing can only print color vectors.

From the perspective of the two printing crafts, the heat transfer printing can print surface of higher arc.

So it’s suggested to select screen printing, if what you want to have printed is simple; if logo is too complicated, heat transfer would be a better choice.

By the way, heat transfer printing costs is higher than screen printing.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Heat transfer printing is not limited by its logo, as it can print any logo whether quantity is large or small. There won’t be any trouble, even you want to print only one logo.

Screen printing is popular because of its cheap costs and large quantity. But logo can be pure color only instead of being too complicated in colors.  Pattern shall be created before printing. Therefore, the quantity for printing is limited. Generally speaking, it ask for an MOQ of more than 50 pcs and the logo shall be same.

Equipment Essential for Heat Transfer Printing

Different printed materials ask for different equipment. But Usually there are computer, software, ink especially for heat transfer (Clothes printed with ordinary ink cannot be washed too hard. )

Post time: Mar-06-2019