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Category on Rainwear Material

Category on Rainwear Material

Generally speaking, rainwear consists of fabric plus coating. In aspect of fabric, there are oxford, nylon, polyester and etc

Oxford fabric could be woven specially out of nylon or polyester material. The fabric is easy to wash and dry. It’s characteristic of its softness, excellent breath-abilities. Its color is famous for its contrast effects.

Nylon rainwear is of good visual effects on its color and of fantastic abrasion performance. However, nylon material could get deformed easily. So creases are easy to find.

Polyester is famous for its crease-resistance and good shape preserving. But it’s bad in dyeing performance, moisture absorption, and breath-ability.

As for the waterproof performance of fabrics, there is a craft named waterproof finish, turning the fibre surface from good hydrophilic property to improved hydrophoic property. Fabrics are usually coated with PVC, PU, EVA and etc.

Post time: Mar-06-2019