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  • Post time: Aug-15-2019

    There’s nothing more important than packing appropriately. Checking the forecast before you leave on a vacation near or far is essential to making sure you have a good time while you’re there. And when many travelers see rain in the cards, their hearts drop. But you don’t have to fear a little we...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-15-2019

    Summer is almost over and that means football season is right around the corner. If you have tickets to the game and there’s a chance of rain, do you think twice about going? Absolutely not. You grab your rain poncho and you head to the stadium. Rain ponchos protect you from bad weather and keep ...Read more »

  • Heat Transfer Printing and Screen Printing
    Post time: Mar-06-2019

    Difference between Heat Transfer Printing & Screen Printing Heat transfer printing can print colorful logo at a time, while screen printing can print 1c logo only. If multi-colored logo needs printing through screen printing craft, then overprinting is required. Although we can print multi-co...Read more »

  • Category on Rainwear Material
    Post time: Mar-06-2019

    Category on Rainwear Material Generally speaking, rainwear consists of fabric plus coating. In aspect of fabric, there are oxford, nylon, polyester and etc Oxford fabric could be woven specially out of nylon or polyester material. The fabric is easy to wash and dry. It’s characteristic of its so...Read more »

  • how to fold up your poncho
    Post time: Jan-08-2019

    How to Fold Up Your Poncho Let’s take out a piece of rain poncho. See style as below: 1) Take a close look at the hood as shown in the pic above. 2) Roll over the rain poncho. 3) Fold up the hood twice. 1st folding 2nd folding 4) Get the edge in line with the middle part of the rain po...Read more »

  • how to clean your rubber rain boots
    Post time: Jan-07-2019

    Special Care on the Exterior and Interior of the Rubber Rain Boots  I read a very interesting expression, saying that the rain boots are designed to get wet and dirty. So we don’t have to be worried at all on the dirt of the boots. So now what we need to focus on is how we can clean the boots tho...Read more »

  • how to choose the right raincoat for kids
    Post time: Jan-07-2019

    How to Choose the Right Raincoat for Kids   Firstly, let’s talk about materials. We have kinds of materials for choice such as PVC, EVA, PE, PVC/fabric (polyester/nylon), PU/fabric. From the perspective of costs, we can rank them as PE, PVC, EVA, PVC/fabric, PU/fabric (note: nylon is more du...Read more »

  • Daily care for the rain coats
    Post time: Jan-07-2019

    Daily Care for the Raincoat on Mud  As we know, raincoat is a necessity in rainy days. And it often happens that there could be some mud on them. Caring for Raincoats  No. 1: Remember to clean them up with a cloth in time, because it would be much easier to have them cleaned at the very beginning...Read more »

  • Care and function for kids raincoat
    Post time: Jan-07-2019

    Function of Kids Rain Coat The weather is always changing, especially in the summer. So umbrellas are an indispensable tool in people’s lives. However, summer is a season when there are lots of heavy rain. Therefore, the umbrella seems to be not enough for kids in the storm. On a rainy day,...Read more »